Sunday, September 27, 2009

Viking Knit Necklace

Ok so, yes I should be finishing my looming bracelet but I get so sidetracked I can't believe it. So anyway here is my viking knit bracelet that I made earlier today.

I made a mistake on this first one by using 22 gauge wire to hold it. You need to use the same gauge wire that you are using for your necklace or bracelet. I will fix that later when I finish it.

Here is my tutorial: I am sure you can find a better one.

So first of all I you take your 26 gauge wire and wrap it around a round object four times.
Take it off the round object.
Next take the wire between your two fingers and squeeze it together.
Then you take the tail of the wire and wrap it around to secure it.
Then you spread out the four wires like a four leaf clover.
You then bend the wire in a cone shape and add you wire that you are going to weave with.
I used an allan wrench and vise grip. I took the allan wrench and placed it into the vise grip.
You then take your four leaf clover and put it over your allen wrench.
You take your extra piece of wire and start to weave it through your first loop. Just like a letter e.
See the letter e.

Then you go to the next loop and make another letter e loop.
Once you make your letter e's, your second level goes behind the letter e and makes another letter e loop.
This is what it looks like after about 20 rows. I am still not sure how many rows will make a bracelet and how many will make a necklace. When I got done weave my necklace it was about 13 inches long and then when I stretched it, it added about 5 inches to the length.
I then had my man make me a drill board out of wood and drill bits so I could pull my wire through it. By pulling your wire through these little holes you can make your necklace or bracelet as thin as you want to.

Here is my finished product. So now basically I just need to add a cone onto the end of the wire and secure it and it is finsihed. Like I said before...... this is just my tutorial and you can find a better tutorial online.
Happy Viking knitting...... it is fun... so now I have 2 projects that I need to finish.

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