Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jewelry Show!!!

Wow it has been a while since I have signed into my blog. Ok so here are a few pictures from my jewelry show. The first picture was my free give-away for just showing up at the show. The show turned out pretty good made some money and also received orders to make things for Christmas. I have been so busy, the door of the house has been swingin with visitors over this Holiday Season......and more to come for New Year's.

Thanks and as always,

Happy Beading!!


Sunday, December 6, 2009


So I know I have not posted forever.. I have been so busy with traveling. Last week I was in OH and this weekend I flew to PA to move my mom down here to GA. Wow what a trip. Flew in Thurs afternoon, packed, got up Friday morning and finished the packing and left PA at 1030am. Drove all day until 1030pm and stopped in Spartansburg, SC. Wow now that was a drive. We stayed at this horrible hotel got up at 5am, got back in the truck and finished our drive to GA. Got into town at 1030am and then unpacked. Whew!!!! I was tired. So now I need to concentrate on my Jewelry Show this weekend. Need to finish up a few displays and get started to setup. So hopefully later today I will post my give-away. It will be a cultured pearl jewelry set which will include: necklace, bracelet and earrings. Wow... so now I am concentrating on how I am going to make that and finish my school homework for this week. Good Lord... I dont know how I do it.. but I do.... and then back to work tomorrow. So for now, check you later.

Happy Beading!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Crosses!!!!!!

Hey,,,, here is my new crosses that I made today for my bookmarkers. I like these better, so I will be using these instead.

Ok and here is another awesome beaded watch that I made today. I love making these watches they are sooooo cool!!!!!

I can make these customized watches for $45. Please email me and let me know what color you want your watch beads..... Remember, Great Xmas Gifts!!!!!!!

As Always,

Happy Beading!!!!


Saturday, November 21, 2009


Here is another great idea I came up with for my Jewelry Show. Look at these great bookmarkers. Are they not cute!! My girlfriend from work came up with this great idea of putting crosses on them. I want to make a few more with other types of charms on them such as hearts, animals and possibly some more beads..... Great Xmas Gifts!!!!!!

Happy Beading!!!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Big Preview of Jewelry Show!!!!

Ok so here is a preview of some of the jewelry that I have been making for my Jewelry Show on Dec 12.........................Pretty Cool!!! Huh!!!!

Ok so.......
Happy Beading!!!!
And check you later!!! Grey's is ON!!!!

Very Busy!!!!!

Hi Everybody, I have been sooooo busy making jewelry and trying to setup my jewelry show that will be hosted in my home on Decl 12. I have been busy with new ideas and WOW.... I cant believe it is almost Thanksgiving... and then Xmas.... Good LORD!!!!! So anyway, I will try to post some of my pics tonight. Just recd two new jewelry wire magazines and they have great ideas in them... they are awesome. So anyway... check out my blog tomorrow and you will see some more great ideas.

Remember if you want to purchase any of these items just email me. Remember I am also Paypal approved. Again remember to review my "Tool Trinkets". The customized "tool trinkets" are flying off the hurry up and purchase your 3 and get 1 FREE.

Thanks and as always....

Happy Beading!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The "Viking Knit Bracelets"

So check this out........ I worked all day on these bracelets and I love them!!! There are sterling silver viking knit bracelets. The first one has a blue bead on it and the other is just silver. I will be working on making more of these tomorrow.
These bracelets below are ones that I had for a while and just dresses them up with gluing beads to the tops. This first one I glued grey buttons to the top and it looks absolutely beautiful.

These bracelets below, I am debating on adding wire beads off the sides of the jumprings. I am not sure what I am going to do with them.. They look gorgeous just as they are.

Ok so for now I am off to watch some TV and relax for the evening. Tomorrow I will be back at it.

So for now... Happy Beading!!!!


Happy Day!!!!

Hello fellow beaders......I am so happy today, my girlfriend CarolAnn is having a stampin up class at her house today in PA and I have made several "tool trinkets" and sent them to her. CarolAnn will be sporting my "tool trinkets" today as she is teaching her class. I love these little gadgets. They are great for protecting your tools and making sure that your investments stay within your collection. You need to go and check out her blog at: She has so many great ideas and even has videos on how to make certain items. I wish her well in her class today. Love ya CarolAnn.

Today I will be working on making a few "viking knit bracelets". At the end of the day I will post pictures of my creations. I know you will love them. I may even place a few online to sell.....Yippieeeee.... So I am off to bead and make some wire creations. See ya later....

Happy Beading!


Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have it fixed now... go ahead and order your customized "Tool Trinkets" today for fast shipping. Hurry up before your favorite ones are taken.......


OH MY Goodness...

I have just been notified that my custom "tool trinkets" paypal buttons are not working. For some reason if you go in and try to buy more than one it will not allow you. I will be checking into this ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience...... Please if you are having any problems ordering the "tool trinkets" or have any questions.... please feel free to contact me at

Thanks and Happy Beading!!!!!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Announcing "My Jewelry Show"

On Dec 12th, I will be hosting a "jewelry show" at my house. I am in the process of making lots of cool and unique items for my show. I will posting a few items as I make them. What a great idea for some cool and unique Xmas gifts. I will also be posting some of these items online for sale. Hurry up and get in on the fun!!!!! I will also be having some specials of buy a necklace or bracelet and get a pair of earring for FREE!!!! YES I said FREE......... So check it out it out in the next few days.......

Monday, October 26, 2009

Suz's Tool Trinkets

"Tool Trinkets" what a great idea. Now check out this scenerio, Ya know when you have all of your friends at the house and you are all making crafts such as stampin up cards or jewelry. Everybody has all of their "tools" out such as scissors, pliers, crimp pliers, tape dispensers and other items. They tend to get all mixed up and the next thing you know everybody is asking, "which one is mine". Well guess what, I have a solution to your little problem, "Tool Trinkets". They come in two sizes small which is a 2 inch circle and a large which is a 3 inch circle. So I have made some that are unique in a way that they have specific color beads OR you can get them customized with initials on them. This way everybody knows who's tools are who's. Isn't this a great idea.... so... if you buy now I have a special going on.......

BUY 3 GET 1 FREE... yes I said FREE............ so jump on this great idea.

They can also be used to identify your children's items such as lunch boxes, book bags and anything else that you want to identify as YOURS. When ordering your "TOOL TRINKETS" order them by number. First come, first serve.... they are going quick. Once these are gone I will be making more and I am also taking custom orders on specific colors. The beaded "tool trinkets" are selling for size small $6.00 and size large $6.50. The customized initial "tool trinkets" are selling for $7.00. Hurry up and get your new "TOOL TRINKETS" today.

This first set of 12 are the small size 2 inches:

Example of how "tool trinkets" work:

These are the large size 3 inches:

Remember when ordering your "tool trinkets" order them by number. A simple way to purchase your "tool trinkets" is to purchase them through paypal. I have attached an easy paypal button to do your purchasing. Simply hit the button and once I receive your payment and address, I will ship them out ASAP. Remember shipping is FREE.
If you have multiple orders or your own designs, please email me at and I will ship them all together.

Small Brown & Silver bead #1

Small Green Beads #2

Small Green & Blk Bead #3

Small 2 Flower Bead #4

Small 4 Silver Design Beads #5

Small 1 Silver Bead #6

Small 4 Leaf Clover Charm #7

Small Flower Charm #8

Small Wishbone Charm #9

Small Green & Blk bead #10

LARGE Initial Beads (customized) #1

Small Blk bead #12

SMALL Initial Beads (customized) #1 1

Large Blue & Blk bead #2

Large Pink beads #3

Large Heart Charm #4

Large Sandal Charm #5

Large Silver Cat Charm #6

Large Purple beads #7

Large Silver Beads #8

Ok so remember if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Thanks and Happy Beading!!!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

COMING SOON.............

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! Boo!!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sterling Silver Pendant

Check out this cool pendant I made last week. I had this bead that has a whole through the center of it.

Then I took some 20 gauge wire and made a loop that would fit around my bead.

Then I took some 26 gauge wire and started wrapping it around the 20 gauge wire.

After I was done wrapping the wire I took the bead and placed it in the center of the loop that I had wrapped wire around. I started to wrap the 26 gauge wire around the outside, just about 2 loops and then I put the wire through the bead. On the other side I took the wire and attached it to the outside loop and then I went across the back of the bead to secure it and then attached the wire to the other side.

This is what it looks like when you are finished attaching the bead to the center.

Then I took that 20 gauge wire and started at the top and added silver beads to the outside of the wire loop. I then took the two wires at the top and twisted them to make a loop to attach a chain necklace. That is it... Beautiful huh!!!!