Saturday, September 19, 2009

Looming jewelry making!!!!

I am so excited about this looming... if you don't have one you need to purchase one. They are awesome and fun!!! I am in the process of making a bracelet. You can take a piece of draft paper and draw your design and then make it as a bracelet or even a necklace.

Items needed are:
a loom
nimo beading thread
seed beads of your choice
a thin beading needle

Ok so I am using blue and crytal white seed beads. You need to get a very flexible beading needle.

The looming is fun!!! First you take your nimo beading thread and cut them to the length that you want. You can even make a belt if you want to.

The loom has these coils at each end and you place your nimo thread across both ends of the loom. You can make your necklace, bracelet, or belt how ever wide you want. I used 12 pieces of thread and stretched them across the loom. At the end of each loom is a screw that goes into the wood barrel. That is where you tie your nimo threads. Now on the end that you start with you make that thread short and tight. Now on the other end if you want your item to be longer than the loom you just take that extra thread and tie it around the screw and as you work your way across the loom, you would untie your beginning screw and put your bead over the coil to continue with your length. I am just making this bracelet about 7 inches long.

This is the end of the loom that you start your beading on. See how I took all of the threads and tied them together and then wrapped them around the screw. You need to make sure you have extra thread on each end to end your beading and hook on your closure.

This is the other end of the loom. See how I have soooo much extra on this side. And I have tied it tight around the screw. This way your threads are firm on top for beading.

After you have secured your thread it is time to start beading. You take your nimo thread and put it in your needle eye. You then take the other end of your thread and tie it on to the far right thread by making a small knot. Don't make the knot to big just enough to hold it because you can come back at the end and take that extra thread and go back through the beads to secure it.

So now that you have your thread on the loom, you count your bead spaces that are needed. Since I have used 12 threads my bracelet will be 11 seed beads wide. So I will be using 11 beads each time. You place those 11 beads on your needle to start your design. If you look at the pictures above you will see that I started out with a plain row of crystal white beads and then started out my design.

Ok so now that you have your seed beads on your needle you take those seed beads with thread under the threads. You then press them up firmly against the nimo thread, so that each bead goes into its space.

Ok once your seed beads are in place you take your needle and go through the beads ABOVE the threads. This secures your beads onto the threads. So basically you start your beads under the threads, push them up tight against the threads and then go from the top across the beads to secure them.

So get beading and I will get back to you with pictures on how to finish it.

Happy Beading!!!!!!!!

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