Monday, October 26, 2009

Suz's Tool Trinkets

"Tool Trinkets" what a great idea. Now check out this scenerio, Ya know when you have all of your friends at the house and you are all making crafts such as stampin up cards or jewelry. Everybody has all of their "tools" out such as scissors, pliers, crimp pliers, tape dispensers and other items. They tend to get all mixed up and the next thing you know everybody is asking, "which one is mine". Well guess what, I have a solution to your little problem, "Tool Trinkets". They come in two sizes small which is a 2 inch circle and a large which is a 3 inch circle. So I have made some that are unique in a way that they have specific color beads OR you can get them customized with initials on them. This way everybody knows who's tools are who's. Isn't this a great idea.... so... if you buy now I have a special going on.......

BUY 3 GET 1 FREE... yes I said FREE............ so jump on this great idea.

They can also be used to identify your children's items such as lunch boxes, book bags and anything else that you want to identify as YOURS. When ordering your "TOOL TRINKETS" order them by number. First come, first serve.... they are going quick. Once these are gone I will be making more and I am also taking custom orders on specific colors. The beaded "tool trinkets" are selling for size small $6.00 and size large $6.50. The customized initial "tool trinkets" are selling for $7.00. Hurry up and get your new "TOOL TRINKETS" today.

This first set of 12 are the small size 2 inches:

Example of how "tool trinkets" work:

These are the large size 3 inches:

Remember when ordering your "tool trinkets" order them by number. A simple way to purchase your "tool trinkets" is to purchase them through paypal. I have attached an easy paypal button to do your purchasing. Simply hit the button and once I receive your payment and address, I will ship them out ASAP. Remember shipping is FREE.
If you have multiple orders or your own designs, please email me at and I will ship them all together.

Small Brown & Silver bead #1

Small Green Beads #2

Small Green & Blk Bead #3

Small 2 Flower Bead #4

Small 4 Silver Design Beads #5

Small 1 Silver Bead #6

Small 4 Leaf Clover Charm #7

Small Flower Charm #8

Small Wishbone Charm #9

Small Green & Blk bead #10

LARGE Initial Beads (customized) #1

Small Blk bead #12

SMALL Initial Beads (customized) #1 1

Large Blue & Blk bead #2

Large Pink beads #3

Large Heart Charm #4

Large Sandal Charm #5

Large Silver Cat Charm #6

Large Purple beads #7

Large Silver Beads #8

Ok so remember if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Thanks and Happy Beading!!!


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