Sunday, October 4, 2009

Looming finished

Ok so you take your piece of jewelry off of the loom.

Take the knot out of your one side of your jewelry and separate your threads. This is going to be the side where your loop is going to be. Take the 2 outter threads and place them aside and then you need to hide the other 8 threads.
Hide your threads by weaving them back into your piece of jewelry. This makes your piece strong and keeps the bracelet from falling apart.

One example to help hide your thead is by weaving your thread back through the bracelet length wise and then go back and forth width wise. After you have weaved your thread, you can then cut off the ends.

With your 2 strands on each side you want to take several beads and place them on your thread. Now how many beads you put on is how big your loop is going to be. I used 8 beads. Once your beads are on your thread then you need to take your needle and place one of the threads through it and then go back through the other set of beads, then you can start to hide that thread in the bracelet. Take the second thread from that same side and place it through the beads also and then secure that thread. Do the same to the other set of beads and then you will finish your loop.

Finished loop. Cool huh!!!!
Ok now for the other end of your jewelry.
Take those threads and separate them into 3 sets of 4. The 4 on the outter sides need to be hidden. The 4 threads in the middle is where your bead will be placed.
Ok so all of your outter threads have been hidden.
Ok instead of making a bead ball, I seen in a magazine the other day that somebody used a button to make their closures on their bracelets. So, in my piles of beads I found a bag of buttons and pulled this one out. Basically I took those 4 threads and separated them into 2 threads. I took 2 seed beads and placed them on the 2 threads. Then I took the button and placed the 2 sets of threads through the button holds. I then tied the threads and put them back through the button holds and then tied them off and cut my threads.

Waaaalaaaa!!!! Bracelet finished. So my button slides through my loop and is secure on my arm. Now this bracelet is tight on my arm which is ok. Ok so now I need to go figure out how to finish my Viking Knit necklace and bracelet... However, I think I will be back today with some new goodies that I purchased at Fire Mountain Gems and will be making a very cool bracelet.
See ya back here later.....
Happy Beading!!

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