Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Looming jewelry making continues.....

Ok so I have finished my bracelet, isn't it pretty. Ok so remember as you are looming and adding threads to your bracelet for more beads you will have pieces of thread hanging on the sides of your item. These pieces need to be weaved back into the bracelet. Simple take your needle and thread it and hide it in the rows of beads. Also, a little tip, as you are beading on your loom and you add thread to continue to bead, you can simple weave those threads into your beads as you go. As you see I only have one thread left on the side to weave back into the bracelet. This also makes your beads secure and your bracelet.
Ok so this weekend I will be going to the bead store to get more beads and then I will show you how to finish your bracelet. Basically what you are going to do at the ends are take the outter three strands and tie a looped knot to hold them for later. The rest of the strands need to be weaved back into the bracelet to secure them. Once those other strands are hidden you take the three strands on each side and cover it with beads to make a little loop. Then on the other side you hide all of the strands on the outside and leave like three in the middle and cover that with beads and make a big bead ball and tie it off. Then your closure is the loop and the bead ball will slip thru that loop to secure your bracelet on your wrist. I know this is all confusing, but once I get my beads I will post pictures of how it is all done.
Happy beading!!!!

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