Friday, October 16, 2009

Sterling Silver Pendant

Check out this cool pendant I made last week. I had this bead that has a whole through the center of it.

Then I took some 20 gauge wire and made a loop that would fit around my bead.

Then I took some 26 gauge wire and started wrapping it around the 20 gauge wire.

After I was done wrapping the wire I took the bead and placed it in the center of the loop that I had wrapped wire around. I started to wrap the 26 gauge wire around the outside, just about 2 loops and then I put the wire through the bead. On the other side I took the wire and attached it to the outside loop and then I went across the back of the bead to secure it and then attached the wire to the other side.

This is what it looks like when you are finished attaching the bead to the center.

Then I took that 20 gauge wire and started at the top and added silver beads to the outside of the wire loop. I then took the two wires at the top and twisted them to make a loop to attach a chain necklace. That is it... Beautiful huh!!!!


  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!

    Laura just LOVES this!

  2. Cool! It’s very simple and quite easy to do. It’s amazing that through the use of only the beads and wires, you can already make your own pendant. If you will look at the pendant, you would think that it’s hard to do, but it’s not. I would definitely try to make one of these, when I have time.

    -Paige Low

  3. This is certainly worth sharing! The steps you mentioned will inspire other jewelry lovers with this DIY procedure. Say, do you have any other homemade jewelry aside from this? Hey there, Paige, kindly show us your masterpiece soon, ok? =)

    Jeffry Pullam