Sunday, September 27, 2009

Howdy there........

Well I went out to the bead shop yesterday and found my crystal white seed beads that I needed to finish my looming bracelet, which I will work on today. However... I was sidetracked by a book that I was looking at... it had a picture of wire wrapping on wire to make earrings. So, of course I had to try that idea so I made a necklace charm.

This is a very simple process you basically take an 8" piece of 18 gauge wire and fold it in half. Then you take a 5" piece of 18 gauge wire and place it in the center. Now you what you do is bend your 8" wire which is the outside wire and then lay your 5" wire in the middle. Now you want to make sure that when you lay your 5" wire on your 8" wire that you have about an inch
above the hard curve in your 8" wire.

Here is how you lay your wire out. What I did was put a clasp on the top of the wires to keep them together. Then you take any color 26 gauge wire and start to wrap it around the wires. You weave in and out between the wires. What I did was start with the first outside wire and wrap my 26 gauge black wire three times around the first wire and weave over to the middle wire and wrap it around two times and then went over to the third wire and wrapped it around like three times and then came back through the wires. I kept this process up and changed up how many times I would wrap it to keep it even. When you are finished wrapping your wire you just cut it off and hide it. ( just bend it around to the back and take your pliers and smash it tight. You then take your clasp off the top and that that inch of wire and bend it around. I made mine into a curl. You can change it up and make a hook and add a bead. Then I took the bottom wire that was hanging out and curled it and added a bead... so cute... oh yeah I also placed a decorative bead on the 18 gauge wire and then added my bead. I used decorative head pins.
This is so cute... I am making a necklace out of this one, however you can actually make this a pin. Just had a thought.. would this not be cute to shape your wire into a Christmas Tree and then use green wire to fill the center. Now you would still place a single wire in the middle so your wire is not straight across the center. You could then leave like 2 inches of wire over hanging the top and when you are finished shape that extra wire into a star. Then you could use head pins to make little hooks to decorate your tree with seed beads and ornaments. Oh my that sounds so cute... I may have to try that and then post it.
Ok, well I am out for now... I will also be working on my "Viking Knit" today.... I am so excited about that also... hmmmm I guess that is why I have so many projects started and so many not finished.. My mind just races with ideas.
One great thing that I do is.... I look through expensive cataloges and look at the expensive jewelry and then try to figure out how to make it. It is so much fun!!!!
Happy beading or wire wrapping....
Please post your comments and pictures. Would love to see your work.

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